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Brandon “Ice-Cold” Harmon is an African American musician and is best known as a Hip Hop and R&B artist. He has collaborated and performed with artist such as Nym Lo, Que from “Day 26”, Ced Black, F3a, and numerous Dj's such as Young Cee, Quan Da Bomb, Chris Starks and others. Ice-Cold has also worked with a number of producers such as Eto, So Special, JiJ Beats, and Cormill. While releasing a number of singles from his catalog including “The Good Life”, “Bizness” featuring Ced Black, “Hope Less” featuring Nym Lo and F3a, he has also managed to release an EP entitled “Hood Scriptures” featuring Hood Legend.  After winning a number of rap battles and talent shows he began to see the impact his art had on people, started branding himself as Ice-Cold and began to tell his story. Not only is Ice-Cold a dope artist he is also known to sponsor youth athletic teams throughout the summer to promote peace and unity throughout the community. Follow him on Facebook @justiceborn and on IG @ic585icecold. His music can be found across all streaming platforms by searching for Ice-Cold “Bizness”, Ice-Cold, or Family Enemies Associates.

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