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Feaster “F3a” McClurkin III is an African American Hip Hop/Rap artist and is best known as being a lyrical storyteller by having the ability to paint pictures with his words. With over 1500 followers and subscribers across social media, his content has earned the respect of his viewers and listeners. F3a has worked with a number of producers such as Dice Raw of “The Legendary Roots Crew”, Raydon of “Trackmasters” and “A Team Entertainment”, Vettrax, Livin Beats, Homage, and DreamLife. He has collaborated and shared the stage with artist such as Ice-Cold, Irv Soprano, Helina NigisTee Tsegaw, Breana Marin, Prynce Amun, Safari Ali, DJ Msixteen and Rah. After releasing his debut self entitled album “FEA3” F3a, has also managed to release a number of singles including “Be A Body” featuring Rah, “Planted Seeds” featuring Ice-Cold, “Project X” featuring Prynce Amun, “Don't Say” featuring Breana Marin, “Led Astray” featuring Helina NigisTee Tsegaw and “Dot Gov”.  F3a has had the pleasure of interviewing with the legendary Mikey Jay, Dj Kool Kid of “Turnup Radio” and “The Big Up Your Brand Show”, others. F3a has also started an organization that gives back to the community by sponsoring free haircuts to kids for back to school events and holidays. Follow him on Facebook @FeaDiggie and IG His music can be found across all streaming platforms by searching for F3a “Relapze”, FEA3 or Family Enemies Associates.

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