“Integrity creates positive energy which produces quality content.”

If or when you hear Hip Hop/Rap you automatically associate it with ignorance, murder, sex, drugs, and  other illegal activities think again. Family Enemies Associates is opposite, our foundation is built on Love, Loyalty, Respect and Integrity. The music we produce is a direct reflection of these principles. Through our music you will hear the harsh realities of our communities, current events, and the pain that is endured from non fictional situations pertaining to ourselves or our loved ones. That pain is what fuels our music.
When asked why hip hop is divided and unity among the community is rare the answer is simple, artist tend to value the dollar more than their integrity. Family Enemies Associates believes “Integrity creates positive energy which produces quality content.” Family Enemies Associates believes that through our personal experiences we can use music as a tool to build positive long lasting relationships across all genres of music. We also assist young entrepreneurs in creating promotional merchandise to build their own brands. Family Enemies Associates was founded in the year of 2020, and since then has partnered with Barber Beautician LLC in sponsoring free haircuts for young scholars heading back to school.